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He is a god send I was losing my battle with diabetes and high blood pressure I kept getting pressure ulcers on my feet and kept having to have toes and pieces of foot amputated but dr Ayoola informed me about the duodenal switch operation and so far in 17 days since my operation I have lost 42 lbs and I am so happy, my blood sugars are staying consistently in the 150s which is such a huge difference and my blood pressures have returned to normal. I'm not a real sentimental guy but I thank god everyday for dr Ayoola saving my life. This man can and will help you you just have to be ready to help yourself. Thank you Dr. Ayoola God bless and keep you safe.

I have an amazing doctor and team of nurses.

Well this is something not very many people know but this past December my mom Debbie and I decided to change our lives for the better. We had bariatric surgery. Im so thankful for the support I have and now I have an amazing life ahead of me. That first picture is me at 240 lbs and the other is me at 170. Im not near my goal yet but im still working toward it. I have an amazing doctor and team of nurses. Thank you for helping me make the best decision on my life.
- Kadee

It's been a year since my weight loss journey began

Well it's been a year since my weight loss journey began and I'm so thankful for Dr Folahan Ayoola. The best decision I've ever made. My progress I couldn't have done this without my bestie,my sis Tina Pickens she's my biggest cheerleader and supporter. And thank you to my baby girl Kelcee LaRae for being here and take her own journey too.
- Wendy

I was 288 the day of surgery and I am 201 today!

A year ago today I started a new healthier life. What a difference a year makes. I was on a large amount of blood pressure meds among other medications. Today I am off all this meds and I have lost 65% of my excess body weight!! I was 288 the day of surgery and I am 201 today! I wouldn't change anything. I love the new healthier more active me! I have Dr Folahan Ayoola to thank for the wonderful tool he gave me!

- Steve