Why America Is Obese (with graphics)

In January, Bloomberg published an article detailing the diet changes and food consumption patterns of Americans. It’s very interesting to see the historical changes in our diets. 

Source: Bloomberg News

What changed to make America so obese?

Since the 1980s, America has become more and more rapidly a very obese country. So what changed? This article notes some interesting trends:

  • Our consumption of corn products has increased since 1970
  • Our use of Cooking / Salad Oils has increased by almost 200% since 1970
  • Our average Calories per day has increased by about 500 since 1970
    • This seems to be by an increase in the amount of flour, cereal, added fats, oils, and dairy.

Could these things be the cause of Americas health decline? Or is it our lifestyles?

Non-Dietary Weight Problems

Salon magazine put out another article – this one with a little bit different of an approach to our obesity – detailing what they think could be some of the issues regarding the obesity epidemic in America.

  • Not enough sleep
  • Poor Work/Life Balance
    • A lot of people find themselves having difficulty prepping properly for their work days and end up eating a lot of delivery food, soft drinks, and frozen/prepared foods.
  • Non-stop Stress
    • Stress can change your metabolism, and stress can also create bad habits (stress eating) that can affect your weight. Learning to deal with stress in a healthy way can help you maintain a healthy weight.

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