Getting Fit after Weight Loss Surgery

How Can I Optimize Weight Loss After Surgery?

How much weight you continue to lose when weight loss slows down is the true test for how dedicated you are to a new lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to stay on track:

Give yourself a daily schedule.what can I do after weight loss surgery

Getting on a daily schedule will help you stay on track with meals and daily workouts

Meal prep.

Prepping meals ahead of time will make it easier for you resist buying fast food or going out to eat. Talk to a nutritionist about meals that are easy to prep and healthy.

Get a weight loss buddy.

Losing weight when someone else is holding you accountable is easier and keeps you in the right path.

Track your exercise.

Tracking your number of steps and daily workouts will give you a better idea if you’ve reached your daily goal.

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Join a support group.

Being around a group of people who are experiencing the same thing is beneficial when it comes to the amount of weight you’re able to lose in the process.


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