Before your Weight Loss Surgery

There are many decisions to be made and requirements to be completed before you may undergo Weight Loss Surgery.

Because each insurance carrier has different requirements for eligibility, and a different series of steps to complete, it is difficult to determine the length of time required to navigate through the insurance process. Rest assured we are here to support, educate, guide, and assist you as much as we possibly can.

Contact Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital: Bariatric Weight Loss

You can get a hold of the bariatric surgery team easily by completing an online weight loss appointment request form right here on the website, or by calling 469-322-7174. If you fill out the form, someone on our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Medical Consultation

Following your conversation with our team, we will schedule a medical consultation with the weight loss surgeon of your choice. After a comprehensive evaluation, the surgeon will discuss the bariatric surgery options that are most appropriate for you and answer all of your questions and concerns. We will also discuss any necessary preoperative testing.

Insurance Review

If you decide to proceed with bariatric surgery, you will then meet with a member of our team, who will review your insurance carriers’ eligibility criteria, estimated out of pocket surgical costs, and payment options that are available should you need them.

Schedule Procedure

After all of your insurance criteria are met we will schedule you with a date for the procedure that you and your medical team have decided is most suitable for you.

Nutrition Education

Two to four weeks prior to surgery you will attend a nutrition education class with the dietitian and a Pre-op class at the hospital. The team will share what to expect as you enter the hospital, how to prepare for your weight loss surgery and provide a complete overview of nutrition requirements and how to meet them following the procedure.

Pre-Op Medical Visit

After you have attended the Pre-op class offered at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Flower Mound, your Surgeon will meet with you a few days prior to your surgery to ensure that everything is in place, you are informed about what to expect before, during and after surgery and to answer any final questions that you may have. The Texas Health Weight Loss Team will work with you every step of the way to help simplify the process.